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2011/12 Football League Predictions, Part 4: League Two

Part four of four: nPower League Two Well, this is it. The final part of my mini series on how the top four English divisions will pan out in the forthcoming season. Hope you've been enjoying reading as much as I have writing this. Some of my predictions I have to say have been intriguing and this division will be a great way to roundup everything. League Two is a super division. People sort of under value this league purely because of the small stadiums, the "who are ya" players and lack of television coverage on Sky or BBC. I believe League Two is a do-or-die division. Some teams here have been in the Premiership and Championship before but finance has let them down. Bradford City is a fine example. Remember their Benito Carbone days? Now look where they are now - money problems are so bad, there were talks about losing out on their 25,000 capacity ground, Valley Parade. Rumours were spreading that they could move and share stadiums with local rugby league side Bradford

2011/12 Football League Predictions, Part 3; League One

Part Three of Four: nPower League One The Premiership and Championship predictions have seen some high and low points in the team's positioning. Some of the club's rankings put up by myself to some may be shocking and unexpected but that's what predictions are all about. As you can see from my first part, my predictions are already starting to fall apart. I said that Chelsea's manager was Guus Hiddink , but obviously as we have learned in the last 24 hours, is not the case . Former Porto boss Andre Villas-Boas is new coach for the Blues and despite his appointment, will not make any difference to Chelsea's second place finish, in fact I think it confirms it. Will he stay as manager for more than a year? If he wins no trophies, then he'll get the boot before we know it. Interesting appointment none-the-less. Now to the third part of this mini-series of predictions. League One is a fascinating division, it's certainly a make-of-break season for anyone. If a

2011/12 Football League Predictions, Part 2: Championship

Part two of four: nPower Championship This division is by far one of the more up-and-coming leagues in Europe. It has been claimed to be the fourth most watched league in the continent behind the English Premiership, German Bundesliga and Spanish La Liga. I'm not surprised. The prize for being in the top two is prestigious and a play-off winner bags £90million to their kitty and gain promotion to the Premier League. No doubt all 46 matches for every team here is crucial as the competitiveness is increasing. If a club fail to excell in this league, their futures could lead to disaster. Grimsby Town relegated in 2003, now are to play non-league football for the second consecutive season. Also the likes of Bradford City and Rotherham United featured as Division One (as the league was called until 2004) clubs playing consistently well, now are suffering in the fourth tier. So the top and bottom of the Championship table has a lot of focus. Now to my prediction. It's been a fascin

2011/12 Football League Predictions, Part 1: Premiership

Part One of Four: Premiership As you have probably heard, today all 92 English teams (plus Scottish clubs) have discovered who and when they will be playing in the forthcoming season due to start on August 6th. Everyone is now getting excited for the 2011/12 campaign to begin and expecting a fascinating summer as the transfer window and managerial appointments are coming to place. I don't want to blabber too much on the set up and would like to show you how I think the Premiership, as well as Championship, League One and Two will shape by May 2012 - then we'll be excited for the 2012/13 season! This is how I'm going to do it: I will produce photographic evidence of the final table. I will have to thank BBC Football Predictor for providing me, and others with a way to predict football matches. For years I have been using this website and it's been a useful tool. Just to let you know, this is a bit of fun. None of the things I say are speculation, but predictions, if th

Desert Island Discs: My Picks

Logging onto the BBC website this morning, the main headline was The Beatles and Bob Dylan were among the most popular artists of all time according to an on-going poll ( Desert Island Discs) conducted by BBC Radio 4. We hear celebrities over the years about their favourite songs, books and an item they would treasure if they were stuck on a desert island. In this poll, people have to pick any eight songs they would listen to if they were stuck on a desert island. It is an interesting poll as these songs vast from Beethoven and Mozart, to Slade and Rolling Stones, to Lady Gaga and Madonna. No Cheryl Cole or Justin Beiber, yet but wait until another few years and I'm sure they will be on the list. This blogpost will show you my eight song choices in ascending order and I hope you agree with some of the hits. Just to let you know, I am not a huge fan on classical music so we may not see Mozart in this countdown - just a warning. 8. Billy Joel - Scenes from an Italian Restaurant 1977

Politics and Religion interfere too much with sport

Two stories have alarmed me this week, both including different sports which have been crippled by the power of politics and religion. F1 chiefs agree to cancel Bahrain GP The Bahrain Grand Prix was about to be the opening race of the 2011 season, but was postponed weeks before the race, due to the unrest at the Arab country as the public there no longer feel Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa should be king. His reign began 12 years ago but with the riots appearing deadly and out-of-hand, the Formula 1 management team, including Bernie Ecclestone their CEO have cancelled the event for this year. FIA was convinced that, according to a report, Bahrain's situation has "stabalised" and the race should go ahead whilst the racing car teams condemned this decision . At the same time, perhaps coincidently, Damon Hill will leave his post as President of British Racing Drivers' Club from August. The online campaign group Avaaz, along with 450,000 people worldwide successfully pleaded

Sepp Blatter has the toughest four years yet to come

Football has very much been in the front and back pages in the last week. Barcelona produced a masterful performance and defeated Manchester United at Wembley Stadium 3-1 last Saturday, Swansea City defeating Reading two days later to become the first Welsh team to feature in the Premiership. But one headline, one organisation has overshadowed these headlines. Sepp Blatter has been re-elected as Fifa President, therefore will be leading the world's football governing body for another four years. The Swiss born business graduate has been President since June 1998 just days before the World Cup 1998 started. Since then, under Blatter's leadership have seen three extraordinary World Cups offering the globe exceptional football, culture and deserved winners. These World Cups were watched by over a billion across the world as the countries who hosted the competition amazed us all, and I'm sure Brazil in 2014 will show the world some more of the same quality of football. He has