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Part two: The biggest headlines of 2010

Here is the final part of the biggest headlines of the year. These headlines have created a variety of emotions for different people. News which makes you smile, news which makes you angry, and news which inspires. Lib Dems join Conservatives in Coalition Government It has been the most historical general elections of our time. We had the first live television debates, inspired by the US elections. High expectations for all the parties involved. In these debates, the Liberal Democrats shined as Nick Clegg tried his hardest to gain the votes they needed to get into power. Clegg believed that he had the drive to lead this country and be the first Democrat leader since before World War II. After all the hype, Lib Dems did worse than they expected getting just 58 seats. In 2005, they had 61 seats. Something along the lines went wrong in their convincing campaign. And the result itself was shocking. No party had the overall majority. Conservatives had the most seats of them all but Labour w

The Biggest Headlines of 2010: Part 1

It has been one heck of a year. A Topsy-turfy 52 weeks which has seen the biggest stories of a generation. Some creating massive debates, and some inspiring the world. Here are the news headlines which have caught my eye in 2010: Volcanic Ash Halts Europe In Iceland, the volcano in Eyjafjoll erupted for two weeks in April. This volcanic eruption was like no other. The explosions during the eruption were so powerful, that it would disrupt many things including closures of airports across Europe in places covering United Kingdom to Russia. This was because the atmosphere in the air which consisted of ash and smoke was so dangerous, aeroplanes would likely to crash. Therefore, millions of travellers travelling with alternative transportation. Euro star trains were the busiest as the eruption came during the bank holiday weekend. There was another eruption in the middle of May, however it did not create as much of an affect as the first one. This headline was all over the press and many pe

England 2018 failed to follow London 2012 charm

So, the fat lady has sung. England are not going to host the 2018 World Cup. It is a shame, not looking forward in reading the morning papers. I will predict loads of blames that will echo all over the place but to be honest, let us not blame anyone. Not the BBC, not Panorama, not anyone. I see it as that England made many, many faults. They took very little notice of the successes of London 2012. The 2012 bid team tried really hard for those athletes to get the opportunity of a lifetime and be part of something magnificent. They succeeded with Kelly Holmes, even David Beckham helped then. Major British icons which are an inspiration to many. What did England have as their "mascots"? Yes, David Beckham helped a lot but so did David Cameron and Prince William. Tony Blair did very little to help the London 2012 happen back in 2005. He just made a little congratulations speech after it was announced. He knew he was unpopular and he knew that politics would not help the bid. That