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Giving 'globalism' the kiss of life

'Globalism', as portrayed to our left is under threat as United States moving swiftly towards isolation It appears Donald Trump has killed off 'globalism' as we know it. Since winning the US election over 18 months ago, he has single-handedly managed to peeve off his neighbours, declare trade wars with Europe and China, and increase tensions in the Middle East - as if the latter wasn't tense enough. In the process, he has appeared to make good friends with North Korea, the nation governed by a shameless dictatorship who, only months ago, was testing nuclear weapons across the Pacific. It's quite remarkable. And as if that doesn't officially kill off 'globalism' in the United States, the President has decided to pull his country out of the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council, citing the organisation's apparent ill-treatment of Israel. This is happening while the wife of Benjamin Netanyahu, is currently on trial, accused of fraud , p