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Polls: Who do you want running the UK?

Following British politics is exhausting. August is meant to be among the quietest months regarding political affairs, but in 2018, this statement has become archaic. With conference season set to begin, it is hard for any leader, regardless of the Party they represent, to deliver a speech to inspire the majority. Theresa May can't even jiggle in peace without people unleashing their inner-Craig Revel Horwood . Politics today has never been so volatile. Many voters are confused by where they see themselves on the political scale. Some Conservative voters aren't a fan of their leader Theresa May but don't want Boris Johnson to replace her. Some Labour voters are angst by the fact Jeremy Corbyn is still leader, but are at a loss as to who they believe can succeed him. This is where I get ambitious. I am inviting you to share your thoughts. I have two relatively straightforward questions for you to answer. They may offer fascinating findings, yet it could also lead to a sm