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The Bullies of Westminster could push Scotland towards Independence

The day is nearly upon us. On Thursday 18th September, Scotland will be making their "biggest decision of the century", a decision that will shape United Kingdom in a way that was deemed unimaginable only a few decades ago. Come Friday, Scotland, to England, Wales and Northern Ireland, could become a 'foreign country'. As a Welshman living in London, I have been looking at this Scottish Independence referendum campaign very closely . From when Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond first announced his intentions in January 2012 up to today, the political arenas in Edinburgh and Westminster have never been so noisy about this issue. It has been somewhat rare to see Westminster united in the fact that they want, and need, Scotland to stay, but the Scottish National Party (SNP), have other ideas. You would think that by now we'd see a clear indication as to where this vote will go. Far from it. Polls for the vast majority of the time since January 2012 to n