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Learning from Zimbabwean mistakes to maximise EU exit potential

People of Zimbabwe celebrate Mugabe's downfall (Image: The Atlantic) At the moment, there is no country more jubilant than Zimbabwe. That may sound hard to believe, seeing that their people endured decades of living in hell. But last week, Robert Mugabe, their President of 37 years resigned as leader, renewing some hope for the 16 million citizens residing there. Zimbabwe has been through a lot - perhaps that's an understatement. There are so many statistics that support claims of Mugabe's horrifying legacy. Recent statistics show that in Zimbabwe, 70% are living in poverty , the average life expectancy is 60.7, while the average salary is $253 per month. Meanwhile, corruption is rife and years of political propaganda gifted Mugabe power on a finely golden-covered plate when at the same time, his people lost out on vital resources and ultimately, lives. Mugabe was right to go and while I'm not often in support of mass protests to make a political point, I'

The need for proactive solutions in cutting harassment

Hollywood and Westminster signs The press has completed a full cycle in regards to its relationship with well-known personalities. Prior to the phone hacking scandal and the host of claims surrounding evading the privacy of celebrities that came with it during the noughties, it is now those on the receiving ends of abuse who are 'turning themselves in' and exposing the alleged dark truths inside Hollywood and British politics. When Operation Yewtree, and the fallout from it, moved away from the news agenda, many of us hoped that was the end of it. How wrong were we, the unaware public. This autumn has seen the entertainment world rattled after revelations around Harvey Weinstein's unconsented sexual activities, which opened a can of worms nobody dared to imagine. Not just Hollywood, but closer to home - for us British folk - since the expose surrounding Jared O'Mara , Labour's Sheffield Hallam MP, we cannot escape the day without hearing about new cases of