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Dropping weapons must start from the top

Police officers in Paris (Image: The Guardian) Friday 13th is historically, superstitiously and apparently a day to fear. It is a day where everything is meant to go wrong, where luck isn't on your side. If you looked at the news at the start of the most recent Friday 13th, which just past, we may have placed those superstitions to one side when UK and US governments announced they finally targeted 'Jihadi John', the mastermind behind so-called Islamic State, ISIL or whatever you'd like to call the extremist group. This announcement brought cautious jubilation. Powerhouses from both sides of the Atlantic joined forces and orchestrated air strikes on these extremist sites in Syria and Iraq. They have ordered these attacks as they believed that this was the 'right' approach to win the War on Terror - Cameron used the term ' right thing to do ' for targeting radicalised, brainwashed, British citizen that is 'Jihadi John'. From both UK and