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Cameron's mistaken British identity crisis

David Cameron (Image: The Guardian) The joys of a media spinning overkill is that one day, you'll get caught. Alastair Campbell, press secretary under Tony Blair's government until 2003, has experienced this first-hand when the Prime Minister pushed ahead with the Iraq war. While it was Campbell's intention, before the invasion, to brief the media of its legality due to Saddam Hussein government's corruption and alleged Weapons of Mass Destruction, the press had a field day when the latter was proved false. The legalities of that war is still being debated today, and Blair's credentials and reputation as Prime Minister diminished. Even today, the Iraq War casts a dark cloud over the Labour Party - even their new leader Jeremy Corbyn's 'New Politics' spin isn't doing the job in salvaging their reputation. However, for the time being, his negative publicity is taking a back seat as Prime Minister David Cameron - the PR man known for his co