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The legacy of David Cameron lies with Russia

David Cameron and Vladimir Putin (Image: The Sun) It would be fair to say that David Cameron has had an odd past four-and-a-half years. When he initially took over from Gordon Brown as Prime Minister in May 2010, he was the most unpopular person to have ever occupied 10 Downing Street. After the painful cuts and University tuition fee hike being among the first actions he took, it left the public with a negative first impression of him. He hit rock bottom when in August 2011, he took his time coming back to London when the UK reached a new low with the summer riots. However, after the London 2012 Olympic Games, things got a little better for the Prime Minister. Its legacy got people in Britain feeling happy, satisfied and inspired. And this combination got the economy booming and the UK started to thrive beyond anyone's expectation. The economy is still picking up and statistics from the ONS are going the Conservative Party's way, and this is proven by many polls.