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Football owners tell managers who REALLY is boss

Vincent Tan (L) with Malky Mackay (R) (Image: The Times) PR blunder for Cardiff City as misguided Mackay sees Bluebirds lurk in relegation zone before New Year I have a passion for football. Regular readers of my blog would realise this. And having been born and raised in Cardiff, you could imagine how I felt earlier this year when my local football team promoted to the most popular and commercialised league in the world for the first time. The thought of teams like Liverpool, Manchester United, and my beloved Chelsea coming to the Welsh capital was indescribable. Considering Cardiff was in financial trouble this time 3-4 years ago, it was almost unimaginable that this side would be where they are today. However, despite living in dreamland, things haven't been easy for Cardiff this season. They are learning the hard way that top flight football is both extremely competitive and challenging. Only the very few ambitious, yet deluded supporters were expecting Cardiff to

World leaders must be realistic about their 'green' dream

In Britain, we are constantly being reminded of how much we like to indulge. Experts are already predicting that most of us will be 'obese' in the next ten years. Hearing people say things like this is alarming so some take drastic measures to either lose the fat they have or maintain their 'ideal' physique. In recent years, dieticians have come up with cooky ideas which help people achieve their physical aim. For example, we have the Atkins Diet where people opt for eating lots of meat and very little carbohydrates. One diet which has caused a stir, particularly this year, is the 5-2 diet where you eat the 'normal' requirement of food (2,000 calories for women and 2,500 for men) for five days in a week while for the other two days, cut the calorie intake to a quarter of the normal level (500 calories for women and 600 for men). We take our bodies seriously, more now than ever before due to media pressure - glossy magazines showcase 'inspirational' wei