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BBC stepping up game in 2012

This year, I have been left impressed by the quality of television programmes in the UK. Each channel has ensured to increase their ratings by either improving the shows they have currently, or creating original and captivating broadcasts. Take ITV for example, David Hasselhoff entertained us in last year's Britain's Got Talent but his replacement David Walliams, in addition to the return of Simon Cowell has brought their faithful viewers back into watching the programme. I am hoping to see more of Walliams next year as he is not only funny, he has genuine talent. He writes children's books and swam through the River Thames for charity - and I am sure he'll do more in the near future to "wow" us. Nonetheless, ITV and Cowell have this initiative every year to attract over 10 million every Saturday night since Pop Idol came to our screens a decade ago. But now the BBC have finally thought of something spectacular and at the same time dominate all the headlines a

The awareness of gender discrimination in British football is a blessing

In recent blog posts, I have a habit of writing about topics because of a recent documentary I watched. On this occasion, this trend continues and today, the topic I am to discuss is something I've written about in the past. Here's a clue - last year, I wrote about Richard Keys and Andy Gray moments after they were caught off camera blatantly discriminating assistant referee Sian Massey just because of her gender. I recall saying that they mustn't judge on people on a job that they couldn't do better in and forgot to mention they deserved to be punished despite being really popular "role models" at Sky Sports. They were deservedly kicked out of Sky even if they forcefully apologised and Gray admitting earlier this year that he considered killing himself over the situation. Let's just say that what they said ruined their career, despite the pair moving to Talksport radio. Moreover, I recently watched "Sexism in Football?", a BBC documentary pr