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And the Oscar for the Most Predictable goes to...

Leonardo Di Caprio in The Revenant (Image: While it is dangerous to assume, I can confidently claim that everyone who has seen a film, has at least one favourite. They can really tell us the sort of people we are - what makes us tick, laugh, cry, gasp, reflective. Films are incredibly powerful and sometimes influential. So much so that when the industry makes a decision about recognising the "best", some are inclined to start a debate about it. The most recent debate widely publicised in regards to the film industry is the nominations for the individual actor Academy Awards gongs. It has been noticed that out of the twenty talents shortlisted for the Best Actor in a Leading Role, Supporting Actor, Best Actress in a Leading Role and Supporting Actress, all of them are Caucasian. The fact there is a lack of ethnic diversity that people are putting up a fuss. The 88th Academy Awards announcement has caused a stir and divided opinions. Some are outspokenl

Corbyn's resolution to unite Moderate Moaners & Leftie Whingers

Jeremy Corbyn on day he won Labour Leader race, September 2015 (Image: This past week, I have found it interesting consuming what the so-called 'experts' predicted how 2016 will pan out. Some argue it's going to be a big year for Prime Minister David Cameron as either this, or next year, Britain votes to stay or leave the European Union. He has been negotiating UK's involvement in Brussels over the past couple of months, something which is set to continue for months to come. As a side note for this post, Cameron's recent trips to various European countries like Bulgaria, Poland and Germany has been met with mixed reviews, from both Brits and Europeans alike. I've no doubt he'll spin the fact his current venture will be a resounding success, but with the press split over UK's EU membership, it's difficult to know whether the Prime Minister will have them on his side once more. Despite Cameron's supposed 'big y