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2015: The Year of the Offended and Valiant

A recent inspired protest (Image: Part of the Christmas tradition is to watch plenty of family films. I'm sure during this festive season you've enjoyed the likes of Love Actually, The Holiday, Home Alone and The Polar Express. You may have also liked seeing the non-festive films you've not watched for many moons - one that I've not seen in ages and saw only the other day was Bruce Almighty. The 2003 comedy fantasy film features protagonist Bruce, played by Jim Carrey who considered himself unlucky with his job as a reporter not going as he hoped when dreams of becoming lead news anchor dashed as the role is given to another colleague, his love life with partner played by Jennifer Aniston while seemingly healthy, Carrey's character felt his life was stagnated somewhat and cries to God for help. Then by chance God, played by Morgan Freeman offers Bruce his role which he then thrived of. But with Bruce's power, which

To distinguish a 'person' and 'personality' in context

Angela Merkel (Image: Washington Post) How can we define what a 'person' or 'personality' is? You may have your own answers but you can't help but express these without stating fact. We have our own opinions and perspectives on what these terms mean, or through personal experience, we define the sort of 'person' or 'personality' that we are. We also may be narrowing down the both words mean by defining the 'good' and 'bad' of each. I have been thinking a lot about these two terms particularly this week as two accolades have entered the limelight which have gotten me to put my analytical cap on. The first accolade I want to go through is TIME Person of the Year. Whoever wins this, whether it is an individual or group of people, have spoken of their honour to be considered an influence in the only way they can. Whether this influence has had a positive impact on you or not, that is another point entirely. But this year, the acco

Let's tax the Zuckerberg way

HMRC letter (Image: The Independent) The tax system in the UK is a funny old business. Those who have to pay it (I'm focusing on Income Tax / PAYE here) know the drill. An employee receives a certain amount of money in the bank every month, and what is accumulated through the year is deducted from one's salary and into the government's hands where they'll then distribute to their different departments like health, defence and education. It sounds straightforward when it's explained this way, but of course how much we pay depends on what we earn. This is where things get complicated. If you're an employee, you know where you're at - your wage is set, and every month the pay you get is practically the same 12 times a calendar year. And this tax you don't need to submit to HMRC annually as it's already done for you by your employer. Yet, the employer has a different tax system to worry about which I don't want to delve so much into. You som