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Being cautious when comparing current politicians to the darker days

Boris Johnson with Donald Trump (Image: Sky News) Donald Trump is taking the United States back to the 1930s. Boris Johnson is just like Donald Trump, who is taking the United States back to the 1930s, so therefore Britain is heading back to that decade too. By electing Jeremy Corbyn as UK's Prime Minister, the country will rewind to the 1970s. Vladimir Putin is bringing Russia back to the Stalin era . The list of claims that certain divisive politicians and governments are guiding their countries to the past is ever increasing. Commentators and newspaper editors alike are finding it easy to claw back a handful of bad things that happened at a certain era and compare it to the present day, making the public a little uneasy in the process. This is happening regardless of where in the political spectrum these so-called experts see themselves in, smearing their apparent opponents to win political brownie points. Of course, comparing powerful figures with a decade which man

Women are turbo-charging change. Get used to it

Meghan Markle is becoming a driving force in the Royal Family (Image: USA Network) One of the most over-used words in recent years is "change". Politicians who aren't in power use it constantly as a way of showing that their version of change is a good thing, and therefore, we should embrace it. Change is something I encourage for sure, so long as it's at a healthy pace and it progresses in a way where many of us benefit. In society, a decision to change is based on a blend of personal choice and economics. If the economy is doing well locally, people are bound to opt for the status quo. Only if it suits us, of course. There are certain things that must never change, particularly when it comes to roles of certain women in power. For instance, how very dare Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex - and Prince Harry - want to raise their child and handle their marital affairs behind closed doors. People were aghast upon discovering the christening of baby Arch