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Young men - your chance to break the cycle

Mass shooting in Plymouth sent shockwaves (Image: BBC) It's taken me a while to reflect on what happened in Plymouth back in August. This isn't just because of my busier than normal work and life schedule, but it's also because I needed to find the right words to say. I know, however, as a responsible male, I needed to say something, as the more I read about the terrifying event on that particular evening, the more compelled I feel to try and suggest ways to actually stop more of these avoidable situations from happening. The evening of 12th August 2021 started like any other day in Keyham, located in the beautiful city of Plymouth in Devon; residents coming back from work, cooking their dinner, taking their dogs for a walk. But as the sun set, the quiet area witnessed a bloodshed. 22-year-old Jake Davison had a row with his mother in their home. It intensified to the point that Davison took a gun and shot her to her death. He then ran out of his house and shot dead four o