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Getting out of the Millennial muddle

Millennials (Image: REAL Entrepreneur) Oh, aren't those 'Millennials' troublesome? They're depressed snowflakes who are offended by everything and therefore should get a grip. Of course, I don't think 'Millennials' are any of what I described here. Technically, I am one. However, if you believe in most of what you read or hear, those who fit in this criterion can be described in such modern, derogatory ways. The last I heard, a snowflake was something you commonly saw in the winter months. Who are 'Millennials'? Coined by Advertising Age magazine in 1993 , it is a term used to categorise people born between the early 1980s and 2000 . If you've not heard of the word 'Millennial', then you may be familiar with its alternative term 'Echo Boomers', used to describe children of the Post-War Baby Boomers - Generation X - who were born between the 1950s and late 1960s. After the 'Millennial' era comes Generation Z. The

World leaders: create certainty or feel the wrath

Donald Trump, Angela Merkel and Hassan Rouhani It is so easy for us to call the leader of the country we live in to resign. For as long as I can remember, there hasn't been a moment without someone going public to either say 'The Prime Minister's days are numbered' or 'The Prime Minister must resign'. Theresa May cannot escape it, even Conservative MPs are prepared to give her a vote of 'no confidence ', an indirect indication that the current Prime Minister is under significant pressure. While I don't see Theresa May going anytime soon, she won't be short of resignation calls until her premiership ends. In other parts of the globe, big-name leaders are facing genuine pressures which could impact our world in a major way. There are three leaders in particular who're facing New Year reputational crises. The first leader is, of course, Donald Trump. I say 'of course' because he's never shied from controversy. If I don't