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Boris versus Tory Rebels - the biggest non-clash of the decade

Philip Hammond with Boris Johnson (Image: Many like to believe that the Labour Party is a 'broad church' with there being a clear 'left wing' and 'right wing' of the organisation, using Jeremy Corbyn and Tony Blair as primary examples of this. However, when I hear this, I often want to challenge that opinion as I believe they are more similar than they care to admit. If you're using the two men in question, for example, both ran for MP and joined Labour during the rise of Margaret Thatcher, when the party appeared 'too left' to vote for. They're just too stubborn to admit they're as 'left wing' or 'right wing' as each other. With a general election just around the corner, if you believe in the political rumour mill, Labour seem to have calmed the storm. The atmosphere in the Party reminds me of 2017 when suddenly, those sceptical of Corbyn found themselves supporting his leadership's manifesto and