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If May goes, so shall Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May have big decisions to make (Image: Daily Express) There has been a lot of talk about Theresa May's future as Prime Minister. Since June's general election, so-called experts have unleashed their inner Mystic Meg and, to this day, are still predicting her political demise. She has so far survived the summer backlash and the bruising conference season. Many today guess May won't last beyond the New Year. At this stage, I beg to differ. It's difficult to say when May does eventually tender her resignation, but one thing is for certain - the Conservative Party is going through a sticky period. It is an organisation associated with an apparent calmness that lures voters with their reportedly sensible policies. They're not used to dealing with internal crises, so all this chaos and rebellion is completely new to them. The issue of Europe has been a catalyst for this, yet, even today, they struggle to agree on domestic policy. Th

British tabloids and patriotism don't mix

Copies of The Sun and Daily Mail (Image: BBC) I have a bone to pick with The Sun and Daily Mail newspapers. Okay, I have a bone to pick with them often. I'd like to think I'm not the only one who face palms when reading some of their bizarre takes on various news stories. Some of the drivel they come up with boggles my mind. Being the overly analytical earthling I am, I have come to a key conclusion as to why - on a personal level - these newspapers annoy me so much. Professionally, their reporters are brilliant and have produced great features for people and organisations I represent. But editorially, I've observed how unashamedly unpatriotic both titles truly are. A comment like that may be sneered at by the bosses of the papers I mentioned. They pride themselves to be 'the voice of the people' - and they may be right, to an extent. Both titles are the top two when it comes to daily readership. The Daily Mail website (known as Mail Online to most