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The importance of keeping an open mind

Judy Finnigan, Renee Zellweger, Robbie Williams & Ayda Field Isn't it great to hear varying opinions on a particular subject? Life would be dull if everyone had the same point of view, although the chances of achieving world peace would have been greater. But in the social media age we are in at present, more and more people are expressing themselves freely. While some believe that such are perhaps too open and allow themselves to be exploited in a way that others may not like, others may argue that 'I'm off to the local supermarket to buy half-price full-skimmed milk' is a good way to understand that person. If people want to remain private, that is their choice, which they are perfectly entitled to. But it is my belief that if anyone has an opinion they'd like to say out loud, the judgment of that individual must be justified whether you agree or disagree with the person in question. One recent example of that not being the case was with the release o

That's it... abolish political parties

Annual Political Party Conference season is nearing an end. For the last three weeks, we have heard party leaders and influential individuals gloat about their previous year's achievements while bashing their opponents. For journalists and political enthusiasts, September is a month they feast on. After a summer where Westminster goes quiet, the following weeks after the MPs' return from their holidays, storms are created and scandals dominate our media. And this September certainly didn't disappoint. There haven't been many Septembers like the one 2014 produced. 55 percent of the Scottish public decided that it wanted to remain part of the United Kingdom after fierce debates and unrealistic, and possibly, unreasonable promises. Alex Salmond, Scotland's First Minster announced that his days as leader of the proud nation are numbered after his campaign for Scottish independence collapsed, and in convincing fashion too. David Cameron, who urged people to vote &quo