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World leaders reaching dead end to stop Putin

Vladimir Putin (Image: CNN) It's difficult to offer an alternative perspective to what's going on in Ukraine right now. The widespread anger and anguish over the attacks in the eastern European country by Russian forces are views I share deeply. But I want to have a go, at least, in offering alternative solutions so the nation can reach a state of equilibrium once more. At the moment, world leaders are busy questioning how we got here and in doing so, are scratching heads and slapping wrists. It's easy to argue that there's nothing more they can do, however, there probably is.  I start with where I feel the responsibility lies. On the one hand, the European Union hadn't done enough to boot Russia out of a key financial system despite warnings of growing hostility by Putin's government. Yet, the UK and US are being criticised for not doing enough to deter Russia from its plans to invade. I truly believe the entire West were in utter denial; surely, they thought