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Theresa May: Ignore interference and decide EU fate

Theresa May, a keen Swiss tourist as seen above, has big EU decisions to make (Image: Daily Mirror) I have just come back from a long weekend away in Switzerland - Geneva to be exact. And what a beautiful city it is too. It is rich in architecture, scenery, chocolate and history. However, what attracted to me most about the city was its simplicity. Simplicity is a theme across many European cities. I can say exactly the same for any city I've visited in Scandinavia and Western Europe. Cities like Geneva do not need to try hard to attract tourists. You can easily argue Geneva is in a privileged position, as it houses the United Nations headquarters the natural home for the global community. This may be an easy publicity win for the city's tourism board, yet the real reason why tourists visit there is because of a fountain. I left Switzerland with a topical question in my mind: why can't we - the UK - be more like them? The UK is notorious for being the opposite of d

The Owen Jones enigma

Seeing both sides of Owen Jones The local elections in England, which took place nearly two weeks previous, feels like a life time ago. Reflecting on it now, I still don't think I'll see anything like it, with so much raw emotional opinions about potholes, GP appointments and housing developments. Can you imagine, the fear of drivers in cars, plodding on bumpy A-roads, travelling miles on end for an available doctor and being outraged over so-called affordable homes built on Greenfield sites. I wish I was telling the truth, but this definitely wasn't the case if you saw the national outlook. It was portrayed as an opportunity for the larger political parties to flex their muscles, looking to target councils they were convinced they're going to win. It became apparent that Labour really needed to control councils in London, the Conservatives wanted to use this campaign period as their 'annual report' delivered by the English public, while the Liberal Democ

Time for Wales to reach dizzying heights

Carwyn Jones (Image: Daily Express) Farewell, Carwyn Jones. The Labour Assembly Member (AM) of Bridgend has decided he will no longer be Wales's First Minister, a role he's taken up since 2009. He will say his final goodbyes to this job he's had for the past nine years in September in order to prioritise on family . His announcement, which was made during the Welsh Labour Spring Conference, came as a surprise to many. Some may have linked this resignation to the news surrounding the death of a Labour AM, Carl Sargeant , however, that's pure speculation at this point. Mr Jones has led his party to two successful Assembly elections, in 2011 and 2016, and departs as First Minister with a decent track record. Police forces has seen greater relationships with local communities resulting in more crimes being reported when in places like in London, such relations have reached breaking point. Wales's economy has grown more quickly compared to the other nations