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Mubarak is only thinking of himself, which will not benefit the poor in troubled Egypt

After all the protests by the Egyptians over the past three weeks, President Mohammad Hosni Mubarak has announced in front of millions across the world of his intentions to remain as leader of Egypt until the general elections later this year. Much to the disgust of the protesters who wanted him out of the job tonight. These protesters wanted similar success to the Tunisians when they managed to force President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali to resign , meaning a reshuffle to their government. Ben Ali was in charge of Tunisia for 23 years, whilst Egypt's Mubarak enters his 30th year of being in charge of the country - meaning a seven year difference in leadership between the pair. A lot has happened since Mubarak was sworn into Presidency in 1981. He got Egypt back into the Arab League in 1989 meaning they could regain their voice concerning the modern society in the Middle East. He publically spoke out against the Iraq war in 2003 and has seen changes to his cabinet many times before, in

UK's Clash between Class and Employment

After watching Wales Six Nations opening defeat to England , I had been recommended to watch a documentary, Who Gets the Best Jobs? . It's a documentary which focuses on the issue with class and how major job firms deal with it. It was a fantastic, fascinating, yet frustrating hour as BBC Special Correspondent Richard Bilton, who was raised in a lower class environment, looks into the realities of how big companies simply turn the lower class away and steer toward the young students who have had "privileged" backgrounds. Class is an issue which is rather close to my heart. I can talk about myself and compare against the people who were being focused in the documentary. Being born and raised in an place, I can say is a respectable area in Cardiff, the environment which I was raised in varies. We have people who have occupations such as financial advisers and local GPs who are content with their local jobs. Some on the other hand are less honoured. They never attended Univ