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Guys, stop revelling in the Harry-William 'feud'

Princes William and Harry (Image: Vanity Fair) Okay, it's time media commentators and royal 'experts' stop celebrating the fact that Prince Harry and Prince William ' will never speak to each other ever again', as Harry 'reveals all' in a Netflix documentary and new autobiography. The personalities who spout their views on TV and in newspapers may completely deny that they're happy to see two brothers conflicting and that their wives despise each other. Yet, I question why on earth they want to raise it at every opportunity. Reports of disharmony between Harry and William have been constant over the past three years. It was just as Covid-19 pandemic struck when Harry and his wife Meghan Markle - the Duke and Duchess of Sussex - decided to pack up and leave royal life in search for a way of living, the way they chose. This, apparently, impacted the brothers' relationship , and it simply gotten worse since.  These stories have been reported like earth