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Being creative is one thing, but being offensive is something completely different

Protests in Palestine over the film "Innocence of Muslims" (Image: The Guardian) It has been another bizarre week where I have drawn to a conclusion that the world has gone mad. As the Olympic and Paralympic Games finished almost a month ago, our positive mood about life has turned to negative while societies and cultures which came together in harmony during London 2012 have now been detached. Unfortunately, Olympic fever is a thing of a past and the "legacy" and "inspire a nation" is now forgotten. What went wrong? I guess you can point fingers to the incompetents who like to alter others' interests for the fun of it imposing negative reactions. In America for example, a series of filmmakers have created this film courtesy of Media for Christ, " Innocence of Muslims ", an Arabic language dubbed 13.51 minute trailer which represents Prophet Muhammad as a " thuggish womaniser ", according to The Daily Telegraph . This extende

Kate Middleton must cling onto royal family support

The relationship between the media and the British royal family has taken a fresh turn for the worst in recent days. As soon as we thought we moved on from The Sun and Prince Harry fiasco a few weeks ago, there has barely been reason to suggest the media would stop there. Closer Magazine France has published photos of Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge in the nude. These photos took place at a private resort in France this month where she and her husband, Prince William vacated before they jetted off to the Far East, notably Malaysia, a country which 61 percent of its citizens follow Islam - where the royal couple discovered the publication's actions. The magazine couldn't think of a better, yet inconvenient timing to publish these photos. The royal family were warned. Closer Magazine editor Laurence Pieau tweeted in French "We can say that after tomorrow's Closer, Harry will feel less alone...", the evening before the recent edition was ready to be sho

Culture Department must embark on London 2012 legacy

Ellie Simmonds (Image: This has been the most fascinating summers in a very long time. Not only does Britain have something to celebrate, but the whole world can share their sentiments. The Olympic and Paralympic Games has been a superb spectacle for the globe to see and pride is at its highest pulsating rate. I have personally never seen Britain so happy, hashtagging on Twitter and talking in the streets of their delight over the success of their home-grown athletes and the overall hosting of the Games. I have written before that the Olympics has inspired many generations, exceeding Lord Sebastian Coe's expectations of it inspiring just "a generation". Now, as the Paralympics have concluded for another four years, we wonder to ourselves how much influence and effect this particular Games will have on people and to the future of funding sport for those with disabilities. Both Games have been enjoyable with more world records on, and off the track ha