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Person of the Year 'Suits' royal-to-be

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Image: CNN) Meghan Markle never received the global appreciation she truly deserved. Unless you watched Suits on Netflix, or lived in the United States long enough to fully notice the models on Deal or No Deal, you wouldn't really recognise Ms Markle as a renowned superstar. Meghan's rise to universal fame has been relatively instant. She wasn't the main character in Suits yet she used her then limited fame to inspire other women around the world through World Vision and other massive charities. She was also an on-demand model and consumer ambassador. But all of this was heightened to astronomical levels after she met her English prince, Harry. Soon to be fifth in line to the throne, Prince Harry went through one helluva rollercoaster when it came to his relationships before meeting his California girl. His image - not just in the love department - was anything but royal. During the noughties in particular, he was subject to craz