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BBC too fragile to play political football with

The recently ditched popular BBC show 'The Football League Show' (Image: Last Saturday I watched the pilot episode of The Football League Tonight show on Channel 5. It's a new flagship programme for the channel which caught the eye of many football fans who eagerly anticipated how it would pan out seeing that last weekend marked the start of the 2015/16 season. This show replaced The Football League Show, which graced our screens between 2009 and 2015 every Saturday night on BBC One. However, as ITN Productions had won the rights to film and produce 1,813 matches from the Championship, League One and League Two, the BBC consequently lost out on a programme that they managed to attract over one million viewers every week without failure between 12 midnight until 1am on a Saturday night. I don't want to delve into so much the feedback the new Channel 5 show had, but in short, the more vocal critics voiced their concern on social media while

Taking Blair out of 'Blairite'

Jeremy Corbyn protests in March 2013 (Image: It is difficult to imagine that the most relaxed political party in this summer break is the Liberal Democrats. As the Conservatives are focusing a lot of their time on Calais and Labour's leader, deputy leader and Mayor of London candidates campaign their socks off, the Lib Dems don't need to worry - they have their new leader in Tim Farron - a sensible, safe and satisfying decision for the party, if you ask me. They may get a further boost later in the year, depending on how the Labour elections turn out. If you believe in what the press say, the next eight weeks is absolutely huge for the Labour Party. Their members are in the process of picking a leader and each of the four candidates offer something different so the direction of the party is going to be determined here. According to the polls, Jeremy Corbyn - who originally struggled to get 35 of his party MPs to nominate him (and most of those who did only chos