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Religion: To appreciate and to accept

I don't usually write about religion as some of you frequent readers may realise. Religion is a sensitive subject and it is not in my expertise. However I feel as if it is time for me to write something about faith and where it's heading to in modern life. I recall an assignment I did for my degree before Christmas which required me to develop an original news story. I wrote a piece about Church in Wales as I was intrigued by what the experts thought about the state of churches. Those I interviewed gave me similar answers. They acknowledged there is a problem with attracting people particularly the youth into Sunday morning services but at the same time, they are hopeful of the future. The overall outcome to this story didn't surprise me. When I was younger, I went to church on occasion with friends and at the same time rather enjoyed it, but today, I don't go to church and those who surround me have turned their back on faith and religion. This assumption is proven w

One Moment in Time

There is an expression, "good things must come to an end" but we never know about the bad. Does 'bad' continue until we admit it has no end? It does seem to be the case this week as there have been four stories which show we must appreciate life to the full and become aware of contemporary affairs. I'm going to write about Syria first as this has been an on-going saga, if I may call it that. The Middle Eastern uprising has been occurring for over a year now and yet there are still countries who are upset about their governments. Syria in particular has been dominating our headlines. Watching scenes on the television and reading heartbreaking stories in newspapers must make the public think why isn't President Assad doing anything about this uprising where thousands of his people are being killed? Of course, the people of Syria are protesting against Assad's regime however it seems as if he doesn't care anymore. The President's situation there