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Football and rugby union shows Capitalism needs to change meaning

Real Madrid President Florentino Perez (R), with two Sheikhs and Zinedine Zidane (CL) (Image: Daily Star) Capitalism has divided people around the world. Many have voiced strong concern about it. In the past, some have "occupied" parts of major cities to protest against the concept. They believe Capitalism exploits the greedy side of the greed - 'they only think profits, and that's disgusting', they claim. However, others believe Capitalism is a good thing. They reckon profits are the only way we're going to survive in an uncertain world. Besides, 'Communism is so 1980s'. It is fair to say that football has embraced Capitalism. Since Rupert Murdoch spent millions, then later billions, on the English Premier League, the sport never really looked back. Every deal has several more noughts in the end of insignificant business than we can ever imagine getting in our lifetime. For example, Juan Mata's recent move from Chelsea to Manchester Unit

Two isolated incidents shouldn't diminsh the reputation of the respectable police force

Everyone loves a good cop drama. I can think of a few, and I'm sure you can come up with a list of some which tickle your fancy. They portray heroic and dedicated police officers, plotting their moves to find the crook who commit unthinkable actions. They are seen as the good guys who solve crimes. Yes, some crime dramas have dodgy officers, but they'll be dealt with - piece of cake. Even in real life, most of the time, police officers do their jobs with pride. They patrol the streets during football games, clamping down on hooliganism. They work during the night so the drunk don't act disorderly. Some visit schools and lecture children on how important are their safety. It is clear they do their very best to ensure that their community is safe. I have always respected the police force. I have always been lucky to live in places which aren't crime-infested, and I guess it's all down to a close-knitted community that the police, councillors and the like, make sur