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US doesn't need to be Hollywood hero

Donald Trump with China's president Xi Jinping (Image: Daily Express) They may not like it, but for most United States presidents, it is their international policies we'll remember them by. Nixon discovered that when his leadership was overshadowed by Watergate while George W Bush's time at the White House will always be remembered for his decision to lead military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, we have a President Trump who has found out about this trap only three months into his new role. He led his presidency campaign as the protectionist, where the American people came first and those outside the 50 states don't matter. However, regardless of the significance of his policies regarding health, education and industry, it'll always be foreign affairs where he'll be judged by once his time in the White House ends. Donald Trump's views on foreign affairs during his illustrious career is muddled to say the least. His business interest

Taking outrage to a new level

From L-R; Michael Howard, Theresa May, Kendall Kenner, President Assad Many of you I'm sure are familiar with the famous festive song 'Twelve days of Christmas'. Have you heard of the new hymn called 'Seven days of outrage'? I thought not. Don't worry, I'm not writing you a song today. However, as this week has come to a close, I cannot help but conclude that we're just getting angry about absolutely anything. It is getting to the point that no story escapes wrath from the masses. Before it was just Donald Trump that gave us the hump. Don't worry, folks. Donald Trump will get a mention here later. But I'd like us to rewind back to last Sunday when the EU exit debate turned its focus on Gibraltar. The people in this small British-owned soil located in the south of Spain, voted overwhelming to remain in the European Union last year. So when the vote didn't go their way, Spain - an EU member - felt it was the opportune moment to sugge