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Police and Crime Commissioner election is vital for future public safety but politics, again, interferes

While the United States makes their biggest decision in four years at the start of November, the UK also has a little election of their own - and it could prove to be crucial for the future of the way Britain police the nation. Over 18-year-old registered residents in England and Wales may already have received their Police and Crime Commissioner election poll cards through the post in the past couple of weeks and in days to come, I'm sure the millions in question would receive countless amount of candidates' leaflets telling people why they are worthy for this prestigious role. What do Police and Crime Commissioners do? According to the ever-so-reliable Wikipedia , such people will "secure the maintenance of an efficient and effective police force within their area, and to hold the Chief Constable to account for the delivery of the police and crime plan". In addition, they will be held accountable for the police planning and funding of their regions. All-in-al

David Cameron is out of touch with the public on employment and education

Job Centre Plus (Image: Daily Telegraph website) It has taken me a while to decide on a suitable, yet convenient topic of discussion in dedication to my 100th blog post. It's a decent milestone in which I have enjoyed writing and have also enjoyed people's interaction towards it, whether it is face-to-face, through social media platforms, or criticisms on individual blog posts about how bad my football predictions are. The whole point of blogs is so that people can interact, right? Anyway, my 100th post is a bit different to other posts in which I've written about. It's going to be a bit more personal, highlighting my last four months since I left Bangor and have joined the millions of students who return homes, back to their families - known as the " boomerang child ". Between then and now, it has been a roller coaster of a ride for me and it emphasises the problems David Cameron faces. In his recent appearance at the Conservative Party Annual Confe