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The word "shock" mustn't describe the Norway blasts

This is just a post to let you know that I will be on vacation from Monday evening for just over two weeks meaning that it would be unlikely that I'd add anything new until after I return. Again, I'm going to Denmark . It's an amazing country and glad my family live there so I can frequently visit the second happiest country in the world ! During this visit, I will also be spending three nights in Malmo, a charming city in Sweden - very close by to the Danish capital, Copenhagen. I've not been to Sweden before but I heard it's like being in one big Ikea. A holiday I am very much looking forward to. Talking of happy nations, the country which made it to this year's top ranking were speechless over the happenings at their capital in the last 24 hours. Oslo's government offices and an island near the capital were targeted with uncalled-for attacks, killing at least 84 people , injuring many more. The island of Ut√łya was where their Prime Minister was due to vi

Phone hacking update & Google+, analysed

How the death of a newspaper can really crumble a government The previous two blog posts I have produced over the last fortnight have been about the phone hacking scandal which now has slightly gone out of hand. The Metropolitan Police's hierarchy is in a complete mess as everyone appears to be resigning by the minute. Rebekar Brooks was arrested, like Andy Coulson in the last ten days. The current outlook is all muddled up the government have failed to grasp the problem at hand. People have been pointing fingers at David Cameron's lack of judgement in appointing Mr. Coulson as a shadow cabinet minister, then government minister. No doubt, the government have got it all wrong. Their relationship with News of the World and other newspapers owned by Rupert Murdoch's has gone haywire. People have already lost faith in the press and Cameron is doing nothing to reassure the public that the current investigations will be solved in a constructive manner. This matter has gone

The government must stop their love for Rupert Murdoch

Did any of you read the final edition of News of the World ? Their "Thank you and Goodbye" headline on the front page was rather compelling, being the oldest living British newspaper, they had to leave with a bang. I didn't read the final edition. Could not believe they did not have a single edition at my local Tesco, but I wouldn't have bought it anyway. They have caused so much trouble in the last, goodness knows how many years regarding the phone hacking scandal, it was more of a protest on my behalf if anything. Investigations I'm glad to say are on full swing. On Saturday, Andy Coulson being behind bars , then released on bail and today, according to the BBC , Rebekar Wade (or Brookes, whichever you prefer to call her) is to be quizzed by police as a "witness". This all comes six days since my last blog post , and a lot has happened since. On Wednesday, we had Prime Minister's Questions and on Thursday, there was an almost hour-long debate on Q

One year message + recent phone hacking disgrace

Today marks one year of the launch to this blog. It has been a crazy last 365 days in the world of news and now I'm approaching the final year of University studies, I'm sure there will be more big, headline grabbing news to come in the near future. It has been an emotional ride. My passion for writing has given me a greater insight to the world in the 21st Century and taught me how the planet is shaping politically, psychologically and morally. I've written about a variety of topics which I hope have been to your tastes. I've talked politics, sport, entertainment, current affairs - I have an opinion for everything! I discuss controversial topics, one of which had really offended a couple of readers (which I still regret doing). I have also been attracting attentions from major media outlets. I still am thankful of BBC Radio 4 for placing my blog on their " Desert Island Discs " website. I'm happy to say that the link is still up there, almost one month si