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Bosses: it's okay to be transparent

Boris Johnson and 'European Super League' have made the headlines this week (Image: Sky News) I want to reflect on the recent dramas that dominated the headlines this week, as European football received a massive wake-up call, and the fact that the 'chumocracy' allegations drowning Westminster - something I analysed late last year - aren't leaving anytime soon. The two are linked, and equally as significant and problematic for society as a whole. Let's look at the football story first. Last Sunday, I was lucky to be one of the 4,000 spectators at Wembley Stadium to see Leicester City reach the FA Cup Final after defeating Southampton 1-0. The match was, by no means, a classic, but the experience was unforgettable as it marked a big step towards fans returning to stadiums up-and-down the country, and a big step towards the end of Covid-19 restrictions. As I settled myself down in the stadium, I checked my phone and read the 'breaking news' that Chelsea,

News anchors: report the news, not your trendy views

Piers Morgan and Andrew Neil (Image: iNews) The concept of 'fake news' isn't new. Tabloids for instance have notoriously made up stories, or at least altered facts in part to boost its readership - in doing so, tarnishing reputations of not just the subjects of these untrue reports, but of media titles too. And when editors were desperate for anything supposedly newsworthy on their front page, they'd resort to hacking phones of innocent people in the public eye, which ultimately led to the demise of the 'News of the World' newspaper almost ten years ago. The closure of 'News of the World' seems a lifetime ago now, but I remember it vividly, completing a journalism degree at the time. But if I was doing the same degree today, I could only imagine phone hacking be a minor talking point in comparison to the how news is consumed and reported today (and in the future), which is making me fear about an industry I care deeply about. When 'fake news' o