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New Labour leaders need to say loads more than "I will win elections"

Sir Keir Starmer (Image: Business Insider) The Labour Party leadership contest has begun. Between now and Saturday 4th April, five MPs are vying to become Leader of the Opposition and five more are pitching to be Labour's Deputy Leader. There are lots to be said by all ten over the coming weeks and as a member myself, there is a bigger part of me that is intrigued than nervous about how it all turns out The current atmosphere in Labour is bruised yet solemn. Since Labour's last election win in 2005, there has been five Prime Ministers, and the last three having come from the Conservatives. And with the general election in December 2019 being such a crushing one for the party in red, there are a host of challenges that their next leaders need to tackle, once they are voted into their roles. This particular leadership election is one that Labour need to do right. It made a mistake when they voted for two leaders - in Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson as his deputy - when

Don't get too comfortable in Blighty, Americans

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Image: Page Six) I have never been to the United States, but there is a part of me that wants to go tomorrow. I'd love to experience Miami beaches, bask in the Hollywood ambience and visit Seattle simply down to the fact Frasier was based there. There is a general fascination towards its glitz and glamour and intrigue towards its politics because it is overstated, dramatic and bigger than any Coronation Street plot. There is a part of us that craves Americanism to settle in Britain, but at any opportunity that this happens, we cannot wait to get rid of it. In politics, regardless of a US Presidents' popularity, we often got annoyed by their presence in the UK. Whether it was George W. Bush with Tony Blair and commentators crying foul of their reliance of each other during in the Middle East conflict. Or whether it was Barack Obama and David Cameron with their chummy appearances during state visits and his apparent interference during the