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2011 at a glance

It has been one of those years. After 47 blog posts this year, there have been much more headlines I would have analysed. This week alone where 2011 is being wrapped up, according to the Met Office, this year has been the second warmest on record . Although this Christmas and Easter time were the warmest I can remember, the summer period had completely the opposite effect with weather being the wettest. In my personal opinion, the Christmas weather, despite mild has been miserable in my part of the United Kingdom. Doom and gloom in finance department More news headlines emerge recently as Hawkin's Bazaar has entered administration. Barratts and La Senza has also been victims of this in the last month. The future of the High Street has never looked so bleak but I hope they do recover in 2011. Of course, they have been one of the biggest "endangered species" of the year with the economy in a state. Never in my life would I imagine post-Iraq 2003 that the United States