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If you want UKIP to suffer, blank them

As of today, I will never mention UKIP or anything remotely associated to that political party when using social media or blogging. This post will be the final time where I will be discussing them by their direct name. The reason behind my decision is because I am sick of hearing, listening or watching anything about them, their leader Nigel Farage or their outspoken and often outrageous members. Every day, there is always something about them in the news which is supposed to shock us, whether someone there says things like foreigners should go back to "Bongo-Bongo Land", "I am Against Gay Marriage", "There should be compulsory abortions for those who are expecting children with Down's Syndrome". Despite this, the party has seen an overwhelming rise in popularity in recent months. So much so, they are on the verge of astonishing success in the forthcoming European Elections, if you believe in the papers. You even see reports that a handful of those f