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Public's distrust in the BBC and police needs addressing

Anti-BBC sentiments are on the rise (Image: The Independent) It's difficult to disagree that in an ideal world, we can trust every piece of information received and rely on authoritative figures to hold those who do wrong to account. For decades, pockets of the BBC and police forces across the UK have taken a right battering from the press and politicians for failing to do either of the above, but does this mean we should completely distrust them? For those who aren't frequent readers of my blog, you'll find that I'm a big supporter of the BBC. And if I witness a crime, I'd be more than happy to report it to the police with the understanding that they'd investigate and take appropriate action. Of course, like any other major organisation, they are drowning in bureaucracy and are rightly held accountable for any cover up, mishandling or incompetence. As I'll emphasise, I wish not diluting some of the horrendous actions some forces or BBC individuals have done