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This is Pence's chance to truly shine

Joe Biden and Mike Pence (Image: WFLA) So, the United States has a new President. In November's general election, Joe Biden stormed to victory against a disgruntled Donald Trump who will never accept that seven million more people wanted his opponent, and not him, to win that election. He made sure that the world knew how livid he was by the thought that he wasn't as popular (for the second time) in several key states. Only a couple of short weeks ago, he encouraged his supporters to express their anger for the apparent ill-nature of his defeat. And they did, by storming Capitol Hill at the time when Congress finalised the election result. It was mind-boggling and rather horrifying to watch. It brought me memories of watching the London Riots unfold almost ten years ago. Hopefully, what the world witnessed on Capitol Hill was a storm in a tea cup. The US has opened a new chapter, with 46th President Biden and 49th Vice-President Kamala Harris at the helm. I was pleased to