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Don't let the papers determine who you should look up to

Jeff Stelling, Carol Vorderman, Sir Michael Parkinson The game "Name three people, dead-or-alive, you would love to have in your ideal dinner party?" is one that many are familiar with. You may have played in your own dinner party - well, in my experience anyway. I think it's a great game as it allows you to be imaginative. It is also a superb way to know yourself and the people who you're with better. If the three people you want in your ideal dinner party are those you are attracted to, this could mean you have a desire to have that special someone in your life. Maybe all your three choices are no longer with us - this could indicate your wish to communicate with someone in your past, but can't. Some people even choose their family members as their three guests - that could either mean that you haven't allowed your imagination to run wild, or perhaps, you really don't want to get sucked into the celebrity culture and therefore, do not want to think a