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Tories ain't down with the kids

David Cameron with young people from 'Not in our Name' campaign (Image: There is something about the Conservative Party and young people that don't seem to bond. Some may argue that it's not who the Tories target as they have their own same crowd to please. The media have a habit of portraying the youth as the angry left-wing bunch who, in their spare time, protest in their masses against austerity. If not doing that, they're likely to commit a crime of some sort, not being 'aspirational' enough in school, likely to get up late and aren't as skillful as those heading for retirement. It is easy to criticise 'them kids'. 'The youth of today aren't what they used to be back in the good ol' days'. You can avoid controversy shunning young people because 'they can take it'. If you said the same thing about millionaires who have achieved lots, someone who is celebrating early retirement, army officers wh