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My life with the 'Million Pound Shoplifter' - and how we can help society as a result

Kim Farry on ITV's This Morning (Image: Metro) It is very rare for me to talk about my work publicly. Very rarely I would openly reveal anything about it on my blog, which will always hold my personal views on political and cultural affairs. But only on this occasion I will talk about an element of my professional life, and so here it goes. I'll start by telling you a story. In February 2016, I was introduced, by a trusted associate of mine, to a woman called Kim Farry. My associate, who was Kim's agent at the time, briefed me on her client and said she needed help trying to improve her profile. A year previous, Kim was the subject of a documentary on Channel 5 as the 'Million Pound Shoplifter, living off the state' , and had since sought ways to improve her life after the intense recognition this programme gave her at the time. As a public relations professional who likes a challenge, I agreed to meet with Kim and see what the hype was about. Admittedly, I