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Fear of Extremism as irrational as Fear of Spiders

Charlie Hebdo march, January 2015 (Image: What do you fear? Everyone deep down has a phobia or at least feel uncomfortable about something, regardless of the scale of the fear. Whether it is spiders, the dark or heights - we all have a feeling of discomfort of some kind and for those who don't think they feel fear, trust me, you do. But fears of spiders, heights or the dark are irrational fears. For those who suffer from the likes of arachnophobia, it is down to a past, negative experience that has been remembered by your subconscious. Nobody likes to fear these things but it's the way of life. Fear is a perfectly natural emotion that we should acknowledge and while we can combat one fear, there is bound to be another to defeat. It depends on how much you want it to eat up your life. Irrational fears are justified - you can understand why a certain individual fears spiders. If one fell on your head that made you jump, it can be quite a traumatic experien