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Dawkins negative vibes does not help people appreciate both sides of religion

Richard Dawkins (Image: Sunday Times) I'm not religious. I don't follow a particular religion and I do not visit church on Sundays, nor do I attend Mosque on Fridays. However, I do believe in God. And I'm a firm believer that religion plays a crucial, positive role in society. We saw that with the Islamic faith when Eid was widely celebrated across the world last month, and I'm sure Christmas will have a similar effect when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ three months from now. However, not many people today appreciate religion. Richard Dawkins (pictured above), a prolific religion-sceptic, told an audience recently that atheism (those who don't believe in God) is essentially winning the "war" against religion. He has seen recent statistics fall in favour of those who don't preach, pray in sacred places as there is almost 50% of Britons that do not follow a particular faith. Statistics do not lie. I have noticed that churches, which were