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David Cameron + Libya x Tony Blair + Iraq = Disaster

David Cameron has sent his troops to Libya. After an agreement with the UN, UK as well as other countries like France and United States will "try to defeat and get rid of Colonel Gaddafi". Doesn't that remind you of someone? *Coughs* Tony Blair and Iraq *coughs* Sorry, my throat needs clearing. Seriously though, David Cameron has made a big mistake and as soon as the British troops have only just gone out of Iraq. The cuts which Cameron made seems to make up for this "war". This is no "War on Terror" which Tony Blair and George Bush created but Cameron's intentions is to get Gaddafi's leadership/dictatorship to end. Will it happen? If they manage to kill him like what Blair did to Saddam Hussein then maybe. Gaddafi won't resign that easily. Let's look at the "positives". It is legal, unlike the Iraq war. Other countries have agreed to "fight for democracy" and all that tosh but they aren't doing unlawfully. Ok, n

Welsh Referendum//Chelsea v Man Utd

I haven't blogged in a while and obviously I have some catching up to do. So much has been happening over the last week. Wales see progress in the capital Wales has spoken - well, 35% of the Welsh public have spoken. Their Assembly Government will have more powers over twenty different subject areas rather than take issues to the Westminster Government for permission first. Wales now have the power. Before I want to go to say what went wrong in the run up to the vote, let me just give you the basic statistics. On average, 35.4% of eligible voters went to either the polling station or voted by post, meaning over 800,000 people voted across Wales. Out of the 22 authorities which announced their result, only one voted "No". The county Monmouthshire voted "No" by 320 votes despite the request by the "Yes" campaign for a recount. It is a remarkable result considering last time there was a referendum in Wales (the vote on devolution in 1997), the gap betwee