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The logic of being part of Europe

Crime against mother nature, I bought The Daily Express today. Ok, now you can slap me, punch me or more of a democratic approach - criticise me. Personally I blame Superdrug. They surely must have better choice newspapers rather than the Express and The Sun. In Cardiff Queen Street one, they at least have The Times, but the one in Bangor High Street, less choice. Anyway, before I get into a rant about what Superdrug sells and doesn't sell, The Express's front page headline caught my eye. It read "99% of you say: Get us out of Europe" and the image is of a woman in Birmingham lifting a previous issue of the paper. It's striking. I mean, let's use our common sense here. The United Kingdom is geographically in Europe, it's giving us easy access to Europe without paying any visas (excluding the likes of Russia of course). Europe gives us resources which we heavily rely on and we have a solid political relationships with European country leaders such as Franc

Protests are not the answer to convince a Government U-Turn

Tomorrow is one of the biggest days in the student's calendar - the National Demo. It's a day which they hope would persuade the Government to change their minds over the rapidly rising tuition fees. The Coalition are to increase the fees to a minimum of £6,000 as of 2012 and in some "exceptional circumstances" could go up as high as £9,000 a year. These costs are at least twice as much as the 2010/11 tuition fees of £3,290. The student's argument is that no 18 year old in the right state of mind can afford it, it's as simple as that. A complete outrage across the nation that will lead to thousands turning up to London and hope for the best. One of the main arguments which the students are making is that the Liberal Democrats betrayed every single one of their votes by going against their biggest pledge of slashing the fees altogether. Lib Dems said that they were going to slash the costs but this changed in September of 2009 saying he had to be "realisti