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Jackie Weaver has authority to win my 'Person of the Year' gong

Jackie Weaver (Image: This is Money) It's been another year where we've seen more drama in real life than a standard Christmas episode of a soap opera. Rules brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic changed every five minutes, and even as I write this, what we can and can't do continues to be high on the political agenda thanks to new variants; we don't know whether we're coming or going. While I stick to my guns on why the pandemic is still dominating our livelihoods, we cannot underestimate how well we've done to adapt since March 2020, and we'll continue to do so over the coming months. I share the frustration that the British government's direction may not match what we think is going on. We're all keen to get on with our lives and actually treat Covid like the seasonal flu , as Health Secretary Sajid Javid had once promised - of course, we've never locked down because of flu before. I know we will one day and I'll look forward to that moment

Covid-19: Keep calm and carry on

Mask wearing in supermarket (Image: BBC) There's too much hysteria around the present Covid-19 situation. In the UK, the public is stuck in the middle of the fear-mongers - the government and its independent advisors - and the anger-mongers - the political commentators who seem to spend more time on Twitter than on their day jobs. And at the moment, they're peddling each other something silly, and as a result we don't know whether we're coming or going. Let's remind ourselves where we're at. So, we're edging closer to marking two years since the first positive Covid-19 case was confirmed. I don't want to delve into how the pandemic has devastated families across the world; that millions have died of the disease, millions have made an economic loss or have developed health issues fuelled by record waiting times and closed services. Right now, we have vaccines which are available for anyone over the age of 12, all businesses are now open if they financiall