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JSPrice People of the Year: Coleen Rooney and Dominic Grieve

Coleen Rooney and Dominic Grieve Looking back, 2019 has been a funny year. For me personally, it has meant two house moves, job changes and watching some unforgettable concerts. But in the outside world - or the UK anyway - it can only be summed up by Brexit and Boris Johnson. At this time of the year, I usually review the past 52 weeks and conclude with who I think is deserving of my Person of the Year accolade (no prizes, I'm afraid). In previous years, the decisions were easy, but for 2019, I found it difficult without even thinking about the nonsense around Brexit and the recent general election. TIME Magazine's Person of the Year is Greta Thunberg , the teenage environmental campaigner who travelled across continents in an attempt to inspire fellow young people and world leaders to take global warming seriously. Thunberg's instant rise to fame has been admirable to say the least, but her challenge to convince sceptic yet powerful governments in Brazil , China

2020 will truly make or break the Tories

Boris Johnson helps Tories win general election. But bigger challenges lay ahead (Image: This is the fourth general election I have been able to vote in and, quite honestly, the drama that comes with them are never easy to digest and reflect. As many, myself included , predicted the Conservatives and Labour to do as badly as each other, it's the former that stormed to a victory very few anticipated. It isn't the result I had in mind as we soon enter 2020 but somewhat surprisingly, I'm not even bothered by the result (I was immediately after the result, but I've done my reflecting since). In fact, if you look at it, a Tory majority had been coming for a while. They succeeded in 2015 and the 2017 general election was just a blip, now it seems. And as their opponents spent too much time second guessing and playing tactical, with the aim of trying to beat the Tories, the reality completely backfired on them. Despite trying to get over the result, I rema