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Thank the heavens for MPs on recess

MPs should stop channeling their inner-Neymar (Image: Mashable) British MPs are now in recess. Hallelujah! We may hear arguments that politicians shouldn't take as much time off as teachers and school children do, but these politicians need the six weeks to themselves. They need it to recuperate and ultimately, use this as an opportunity to unwind and take a break from Twitter. If I were to describe the current crop of MPs at the moment, I would say they're a bunch of Neymars'. Neymar, for those unaware, is a football player who plays for Paris Saint-Germain and Brazil. While he is a record breaker, in terms of being the ' most expensive footballer ' and no doubt a huge talent and natural winner, he is also infamously known as being a downright diva. He was widely seen as a laughing stock during the most recently concluded World Cup when, every time he made contact with an opposing player, however minor, he'd roll on the floor as if he's been run o