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Get off your high horses, Tories

Theresa May is under massive pressure (Image: Sky News) This may surprise you, but it is a politicians' responsibility to inspire our current and future generations. What they do is so important, those who are democratically elected should never take their roles for granted. They receive at least £75,000 per year, it is vital to many they show their true value. With that responsibility comes attitude and professionalism. Every politician holds significant power to change the way communities operate, influencing how society works. They are hugely influential individuals, heavily publicised in this over-exposed world. Their words and actions are gold dust and could be the difference between life and death for those they represent. I don't want to give politicians credit or an inflated ego, but they sign up to being a Member of Parliament. It's a big and privileged task they're given. I can list a large handful those who thrive upon that responsibility, and are n