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UK set for Noel Edmonds-type 'Brexit'

Noel Edmonds on 'Deal or No Deal' set (Image: Twenty-two identical boxes, a quarter-of-a-million-pounds, there's just one question: Deal or No Deal. The Channel Four hit daytime TV show may have been cancelled nearly two years to this day , it's crazy to think that this question - while, apparently, in a completely different context - is still buzzing in people's minds. I added the word 'apparently' there, because there are genuine similarities between Noel Edmond's lovechild, that graced our screens for eleven years, and Theresa May's lovechild, that is boiling our brains at this very moment. Think about it; every weekday, Deal or No Deal invited 22 eccentric contestants to the show, all vowing to hit the jackpot. Each individual is given an opportunity to take the spotlight. When it's their episode, box-by-box, they reveal their compromise - the chance of not winning each box's worth. Along the way, that nominated con