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The Voice UK lack Pride in their winners

Leanne Mitchell (Image: The other day, I purchased something unique. When I say "unique", one really means that this product isn't owned by many people. I suppose you can call it a "limited edition" - I mean, around 2,000 people are in possession of this in the UK, whether it is a physical or a downloaded copy - and it cost me a mere £9.61 from an online retailer. What am I talking about? Of course I'm talking about the new Leanne Mitchell album. Wait, what? You're telling me "who's Leanne Mitchell"? You know, the one who won the first series of The Voice UK. She won that show last spring, in front of seven million people in the British Isles. For those asking how she is, she has been finding life after winning this competition over twelve months ago a little challenging. For starters, her debut single, the cover of Whitney Houston's "Run to You" peaked at number 45 in the music charts. Meanwhi

Mae'n DWP yn twp: My year struggle in eventually finding employment

Department for Work and Pensions logo (Image: Third Sector) It has been a while since I last wrote on this website, but it has been within good reason. Less than two weeks ago, I was asked the question I have been waiting someone to ask me since I left University in May 2012. That question was "Would you like the job?". I have to say, it was the best question someone could ever ask me because being unemployed for thirteen months took its toll on me. It was unbearable being unemployed for even a day, let alone a year. But the thought of a company willing to appoint me and give me money for something I enjoy doing, the feeling couldn't get much better. Now I have finished my first full week in employment, I have been reflecting on my time being an unemployed citizen of the United Kingdom. Being one of 2.5+ million without a job for a year, I felt like I was part of a majority but now I am in a job which will enhance my career in the media industry, I am in the bett